Patient Acceptability of INP104 Aligns With the Unmet Needs Identified in the I-BEAM Survey

Presented at the 2021 Virtual AAN Annual Meeting. April 17-21, 2021


Stephen Shrewsbury, Sheena K. Aurora, John Hoekman, Maria Jeleva


To assess patient acceptability of INP104 over 24/52 weeks in the STOP 301 trial.


Upper nasal space drug delivery may provide greater, more consistent absorption and reliable relief. Safety and tolerability of delivery to this previously unexplored area is important – but so too is understanding patient acceptability with the Precision Olfactory Delivery (POD®) device.


In an open label, multicenter Phase 3 safety study, patients completed a product acceptability questionnaire (PAQ) at the end of 24/52 weeks after using the INP104 product, a self-administered, single-use, propellant-enabled device for migraine. Subjects were asked to score Strongly Disagree; Disagree; Neutral; Agree; Strongly Agree to 6 questions about study product once they had completed the study: (1) Is easy to carry, (2) Allows me to return to normal faster, (3) More consistently treats my migraine, (4) Works faster, (5) Keeps my migraine from coming back and (6) Is easy to use.


324 subjects completed the PAQ at 24 weeks. Results compared to patient reported previous best care are presented in a table. Neutral, Agree or Strongly Agree was noted by: 65% that the device was easy to carry; 78% that it allowed them to return to normal activities faster; 76% that it worked more consistently; 77% that it worked faster; 82% that it kept their migraine from coming back; and 94% that it was easy to use.


INP104 may provide an effective, well tolerated treatment for migraine. Most subjects reported INP104 was easy to carry and use, provided faster acting, consistent benefit with longer lasting relief and allowed them to return to normal activities faster. These PAQ results align with unmet needs identified by the I-BEAM survey: (1) Fast acting (15–30 mins) (2) long-lasting (12–24h) (3) providing complete or near complete relief (4) can be taken any time (5) with few/no side effects.


Patient acceptability of INP104 aligns with the unmet needs identified in I-BEAM survey. (2498)
Stephen Shrewsbury, Sheena K. Aurora, John Hoekman, Maria Jeleva
Neurology Apr 2021, 96 (15 Supplement) 2498;