its proprietary Precision Olfactory Delivery (POD®) technology to target the vascular-rich upper nasal space, with multiple clinical trials suggesting rapid absorption and consistent drug bioavailability with ease of use in mind for a patient, provider, or caregiver.1

POD device

We believe

Impel Pharmaceuticals is the first company to harness the benefits of delivery to the upper nasal space to improve the therapeutic potential of medicines for people suffering from diseases with high unmet medical needs.

Unlike traditional nasal delivery systems, such as pumps, that predominantly deliver medicine to the lower nasal space and suffer from high variability and low overall absorption, our therapies are designed to achieve rapid absorption with consistent and predictable doses. The upper nasal space is believed to be a gateway for improved absorption and hence, the potential for enhanced clinical outcomes and on-demand access for molecules previously limited to injection and hospital-based use.

We believe drug delivery to the upper nasal cavity space has the potential for injection-like absorption, resulting in more rapid and consistent bioavailability and clinical response.


1 Impel Data on File.