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A Cross-Sectional Survey of Prevailing Opinions from Headache Specialists Regarding Status Migrainosus Management

Presented at the AAN Annual Meeting, April 22-27, 2023  Authors: Jennifer Robblee, Robert Vann, Christopher Fitzpatrick, Michelle Murphy, Sutapa Ray, Stephen Shrewsbury, Sheena Aurora Objective: To gather the prevailing opinions of headache specialists regarding status migrainosus (SM) management based on clinical experience and exposure to scientific data. Background: SM…


Exploratory Efficacy of INP104 in Migraine Patients by Prior Treatment

Presented at the PAINWEEK Conference, September 6-9, 2022 Authors: Tanya R. Bilchik, MD, FAHS; Robert Vann, PhD; Brett Downing, PhD; Sutapa Ray, PhD; Stephen B. Shrewsbury, MB ChB; Sheena K. Aurora, MD Introduction: Data suggests that patients are not satisfied…


Improvements in Productivity and Disability With INP104 as Assessed by the Migraine Disability Assessment Scale (MIDAS): Results From the Phase 3 STOP 301 Study

Presented at the PAINWEEK Conference, September 6-9, 2022 Authors: Christina Treppendahl, FNP-BC, AQH, MHD; Dawn C. Buse, PhD; Robert Vann, PhD; Christopher Fitzpatrick, PhD; Michelle Murphy, PhD; Stephen B. Shrewsbury, MBChB; Sheena K. Aurora, MD Introduction: As part of the…